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Fast Weight Loss Products & Diet Pills


People are fatter than ever but living in denial about their weight problems and the deadly dangers posed.The findings were disturbing because obese people were at a higher risk of high blood pressure,heart disease, diabetes and depression. It is critical that people understand the difference between being overweight and being obese, as many health risks increase substantially between these classifications.                                    



Benefits:     Restores your self-confidence.weighloss 1.jpg

weightloss 2.jpgfat burner.gif


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Adult dosage:To start take 2 tablets daily usually in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast. Supports and helps to maintain a normal healthy weight. Helps maintain weight levels after dieting.  Do not exceed recommended dosage. Bottle sealed for your protection.


Each tablet contains:

Natural Caffeine 100mg

Homeopathic Ephedrine 25mg 7x

Homeopathic Asprin 100mg 7x



Testimonials on ECA STACK PLUS Weight Loss Pills

Mr ROY - Arizona Before I discovered 'ECA STACK PLUS' , I was a 'professional dieter' for 10 years. I have lost weight so many times only to gain it back. I know that I have a slow metabolism that needed your all-natural herbal capsules to to burn off all that stored fat! It was so wonderful to feel great, and have energy while losing weight. I know that there is no 'miracle product' out there, but it sure feels like a miracle.

Miss 'v' - Colorado Thank you 'ECA STACK PLUS' for helping me lose 80lb in 7 months, if I can do it - You can too!!

Mrs 'T' Many thanks to 'ECA STACK PLUS'. The support and encouragement of your staff helped motivate me to lose 130 pounds!! Yes, half my weight, I feel so much fitter! Not only do I have a new body but also a new mindset as well. It was so easy; I ate all the same foods I have always loved.

Mr 'J' Ohio, USA When my wife proudly declared that she had lost weight without any significant diet control, I thought that she was bluffing. When I was advised to reduce weight by 12 kilos by my doctor, I was at my wife's suggestion and help. 'ECA STACK PLUS'product from Pretorius was at my hands reach. Without much excitement I apted under my wife's advise. Woops it works! I was able to complete the program with NO negative effects. I just lost 9 kgs after my first 12 days!"

Mrs 'S' Connecticut I thank my Doctor  who put me on  'ECA STACK PLUS'formulated supplement which has brought amazing results. I am on day 9 of the program today and have lost 7 kgs and over 9 inches to date and counting. I can't believe that this product works so well and so quickly!! The amazing thing about it is that I have not been hungry nor have I experienced any loss of energy, as a matter of fact I have experienced increased energy, mental alertness, and I feel joyful.

Mr COALISLAND, NORTHER IRELAND I am a very busy business man, always stationed at one or the other place. I have tried several different diets, trying to lose that extra ten to twelve pounds. I would struggle miserably for months to lose it - only to find it creeping back again and again.

Mrs 'S' Wyoming Needless to say, I was very excited when I heard about 'ECA STACK PLUS'. What happened was absolutely incredible and I was thrilled!

Miss 'T', Paris, France Thank you for helping me lose a dress size in 3 weeks

Mrs 'J' Oklahoma Thanks to 'ECA STACK PLUS'for helping me get back into that dress for my daughters wedding


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